I would like to reassure clients that my highest priority is their health and safety. Therefore, at this time, Vale Therapies is implementing certain measures to help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. These measures are outlined by the government in “Close contact services: Guidance for keeping workers and clients safe in close contact services”. 

What I have done:
    • I have completed an ITEC Level 2 Infection Prevention and Control qualification. This is currently the only qualification regulated by OFQUAL and the government.
    • I have undertaken a risk assessment for my practice in line with FHT guidance.
    • I have developed enhanced two-step cleaning protocols for my practice in line with government and FHT guidelines
What I will do:
    • I will call you 24 hours before your appointment to screen you for any symptoms of Covid-19. I will just ask you four or five questions to check that you are safe to visit the treatment room.
    • If I develop any symptoms I will be in touch with you to reschedule your appointment.
    • I will ensure physical distancing before and after the treatment to minimize risk of transmission
    • I will leave 30 minutes in between each appointment to sanitize the treatment room, touch points of entry and exit, change linen and ventilate the room
    • All towels and linen will be washed at 60 as per WHO guidelines
    • I will not be offering water before or after treatments, to reduce the risk of infection
What you need to do:
    • If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms on the day of your appointment, please do not attend. You may postpone your treatment and you will not be charged.
    • Please attend the appointment on your own, unless a minor or vulnerable adult is being accompanied.
    • Please bring a bottle of water to drink as I will not be providing drinking water after treatments at this time.
    • Please call at the front door of the house and enter through the front of the house.
    • Please wear a face covering. You will not need to wear a face covering when you are face down on the massage couch, but when you are face up you will need to.
    • If you are a key worker or an NHS frontline worker, please change out of work clothing and shower before coming to your appointment.
    • On arrival, you will need to take your shoes off and sterilize your hands with hand sanitizer
    • There will be a consent form for you to complete and sign regarding your exposure to Covid-19. Any pens you use will be sanitized before and after use. Details of your Covid-19 screening form may be released to NHS Test and Trace for contact if necessary).
    • There will be a sanitized container in the treatment room for you to place your clothes and belongings in.
    • After your massage, please re-sanitize your hands and keep your mask on until you leave the premises.
Who can we treat?

Vale Therapies cannot treat some members of the public during this pandemic. People who have been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable by government definition will have received an official letter informing them of this. If you are in the moderate risk category you can still have a treatment as long as there is no other health reason for you not to have a massage or reflexology. You will be asked to give us your informed consent when you sign an agreement. Please see NHS advice below on who is considered to be at high or moderate risk.