Deep Tissue Massage at Vale Therapies…

Deep tissue massage strokes are slow and specific to really sink into the muscles and induce a state of deep relaxation. This firmer and considered touch reaches layers of fascia and muscle where you feel tension. The forearms, knuckles, fists, elbows as well as the hands are used. Deep tissue massage can break down scar tissue, working on areas of tension that are often the source of pain, limited range of motion and inflammation. If you are a sportsperson who would like speedier recovery time or have injuries or postural problems (i.e. you sit at a desk all day long with hunched shoulders) this form of massage would be particularly beneficial to you. Deep tissue massage can be very relaxing, but it will also work more deeply on the muscles. From rehabilitation to relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage benefits include:
    • Faster recovery time from sporting and occupational activities
    • Relief of sore tight muscles
    • Improved range of motion and flexibility
    • Lengthening and stretching tight muscles
    • Enhanced blood circulation, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to the muscles
    • General relaxation
    • Endorphin release
Deep Tissue Massage: Your treatment. Expect:
    • I will firstly listen to you and what you need from your treatment as I take a medical and lifestyle history in the initial consultation
    • I will ask for your feedback on pressure and sensation
    • A totally relaxing and peaceful environment and experience
    • A nurturing cocoon of candles, essential oils, and calming music
    • No chatter to allow you to drift away
    • A touch of spa…