Pre-natal & Pregnancy Massage at Vale Therapies…

A treatment to nurture and support you in your 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Congratulations! You are pregnant and bringing a new life into this wonderful world. Pregnancy can be an exciting, stressful and tiring time and it can take a real toll on your body. Here is how I can help:

I am a specialist in pre-natal and pregnancy massage. I am trained to deal with pregnant women who may feel anxious, experience dizziness, nausea and hot flushes. Pre-natal and pregnancy massage can be performed in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. You may be feeling some discomfort in pregnancy. Did you know that:

    • The balance between your spine and pelvis changes as your pregnancy goes on
    • Your centre of gravity is no longer at your feet; as you lean backwards to get balance your spinal curves can become strained
    • The thoracolumbar spinal curve can begin to flatten out to support your baby
    • Many compensatory changes take place to support your pregnancy posture, particularly in the thoracic and cervical spines
    • The extra weight on the breasts can cause displacement of the shoulders and thoracic spine, thereby increasing anterior pelvic tilt and cervical lordosis (curve).

With a regular pregnancy massage we can ease tension on the muscles around these bony structures, thereby easing pressure on them. Because massage works on the parasympathetic nervous system, we can also alleviate symptoms of nausea and stress. A less stressed mum = less stressed baby.

In your 2nd trimester, you may have pains on the sides of your belly known as “ligament pains”.  You may experience leg cramps, or have swollen hands or feet. You may even experience symptoms from your 1st trimester, such as morning sickness or cravings.  During your 3rd trimester, you may start to experience more strain on your back, because of all the extra weight you are carrying around. You may still be experiencing leg cramps, swollen hands and feet or mood swings. Vale Therapies will visit you at home if needs be and provide a safe, nurturing and relieving treatment to you and your baby.